Come celebrate the Spirit of Easter where we welcome ALL of God’s people. Experience fabulous music and an inspiring message with a spectacular view of the Oakland Hills.

Sunrise Service ~ 6:30 am

Featuring the Oakland/East Bay Gay Men’s Choir

Easter Worship Service ~ 10:00 am

Celebratory Traditional Music followed by
an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids!

Skyline’s traditional Easter Egg Hunt is happening RAIN or SHINE, starting at 11:30 am on Easter Sunday morning. We welcome our neighborhood families and any who care to come to join us!  Stay for refreshments and conversation following the hunt.


For more information please contact our office at:

Skyline Community Church,
United Church of Christ

12540 Skyline Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94619

Email Skyline Office

This Christmas Eve, come experience the wonder of our candlelight service celebrating the birth of Jesus with carols, anthems, scripture lessons, and instrumental music. The service will be followed by delicious Christmas treats, hot apple cider, and fellowship.

This is a beautiful way to celebrate the season with your entire family. ALL are welcome!

December 24th at 8:00 pm

For more information please contact the office at 510.531.8212

You are invited to Skyline Community Church for the
Annual Blessing of the Animals!

Sunday, October 7th, 2012  ~ 3 pm

(Registration at 2:45)

Cookies, Biscuits, and Bones for ALL!


Come share the powerful spirit of the animal kin-dom, as we welcome them into our worship setting. We acknowledge and receive their blessings upon us during this special occasion. Afterwards, come and walk your pet through our unique labyrinth.

Blessing of the Animals will be held in the beautiful courtyard of
Skyline Community Church
12540 Skyline Boulevard
Oakland Hills, 1/2 mile south of Redwood Road

(See this article from last year’s celebration!)


Skyline Preschool Spring Fling
Saturday, May 19th, 11 AM – 3 PM
Admission is FREE!

Come out and enjoy delicious food, live music, fun and games at Skyline Preschool’s annual Spring Fling.


This year’s space themed event will include:
  • Blast off Bouncy House
  • Space-tastic Face Painting
  • Galactic Games and Crafts
  • Solar System Snow Cones
  • Raffle Prizes and Slient Auction

Spring Fling is the annual fundraiser for Skyline Preschool, a Non-Profit Program. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Download PDF flyer here.

Sunday, September 12th

Sunday Service – 10 am
Potluck Celebration – 12 Noon

This is a celebration for our fantastic outgoing Music Director, Carolyn Erbele. Stay after worship for a lunch party to say our “Good Bye” and “Thank You” to Carolyn. We’ll also be welcoming our new director Ramin Haghjoo and returning families on this day!

Carolyn requests your presence on her last Sunday as music director on this day. Our new music director, Ramin Haghjoo, will be assisting during the choir’s first choir rehearsal at 8:30 AM and during the service that day. ALL ARE WELCOME as we embark upon the renewal of our journey together and begin the fall season and new school year!

Cards of farewell and welcome will be treasured by Carolyn and Ramin. In lieu of personal gifts, please donate to Carolyn’s favorite charity: HEIFER INTERNATIONAL. Checks can be made out to SKYLINE COMMUNITY CHURCH. Please write HEIFER INTERNATIONAL on the memo line.

See Carolyn’s Farewell Message here

Potluck Items (last name system)

A – F:     Vegetable Salads

G – L:     Potato, pasta rice or other grain salads OR small sandwiches

M – R:    Desserts (ie: fresh fruit, cookies, bars, nuts)
( Cake will be provided )

S – Z:     Beverages (Sparkling water or cider, juice, iced tea or bottled water)

Saturday Morning Co-op Play Groups for Children

Returning this fall by popular demand, Skyline will continue a once-a-month Saturday morning play day for children of church parents and their invited friends to leave their children for the morning so parents have time to be together, time to run errands, time to go shopping, time to take a nap!!

Parents take turns providing the childcare, assisted by a member of the church CY&F team. This idea came out of our Saturday morning childcare for parents to do Christmas shopping. Expect our next gathering soon after school begins in the fall.

Talk to Beth, Interim CY&F Ministries Coordinator for more information on our next co-cop play day, or to volunteer!

This spring we piloted a new program of covenant groups called “The Extended Families” to foster a deeper experience of community at Skyline Church.

“Extended Families” invites clusters of cross-generational church members to come together for fun and fellowship and to make a special commitment to each other to stay in sustained on-going relationship. These “families”, plan their own activities, meet on a regular basis for potluck dinners, group outings to go to the zoo or the beach or to someone’s home to play board games or to do activities together of their own choosing.

Skyline’s Extended Families are made up on older adults, young adults, teenagers, children and babies…..people who covenant to come to know each other in special, deeper than only Sunday morning ways….having fun together, supporting each other in times of transition and change, celebrating each others victories and successes and walking together in times of loss or crisis.

In June we held our kick off event, and look forward to adding more members into our Extended Families, and growing together through the years.

If you are interested in joining The Extended Family, or hearing more about the program, contact Family member and Interim Children Youth and Family Coordinator, Beth Rogers.

Warriors of Peace – Inaugural Gathering
Monday, December 7th 6:30 – 8 pm
Donation Basis (see FAQ)
Please Bring your own Mat (a few extras will be available)

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


The intention for Warriors of Peace is to create a community focused on:

  1. training in yoga, mindfulness meditation and loving-kindness meditation
  2. offering financial support to organizations that promote safety, health, happiness and peace to local communities in need

An underlying premise of Warriors of Peace is the recognition that creating a more peaceful and compassionate world starts with creating more peace and compassion within ourselves. Participants are people like you who share the intention of creating peace in the world through cultivating a more open and loving heart.


Warriors of Peace meet monthly (first Mondays) to practice yoga, mindfulness meditation and loving-kindness meditation. You do NOT need to be familiar with these practices prior to join one of the classes. Easy-to-follow instructions will be provided.


The class is donation-based – you contribute whatever you would like to contribute. 95% of these donations* will go directly to support communities in need. For example in December we focus on hunger, and all the proceeds will go to support the Alameda County Food Bank. Another month might focus on domestic violence, with the proceeds benefitting a local women’s shelter. There are many ways our class collection can be used to improve the lives of people in our community.
*The remaining 5% of the collection will support the administration needs of the group, including maintaining this website, as well as paying for liability insurance for participants during practice.


This past year, one of my students (Reverend Laurie Manning) asked me if I’d lead a donation-based yoga class at her church to help fundraise for the AIDS Benefit Ride. I was eager to help, especially given my past participation in an AIDS Ride.

The benefit class was well attended and enjoyed by all. The venue was also quite inspiring! Skyline Community Church overlooks the beautiful mountain-scape of Redwood Regional Park. Rev. Laurie invited me to consider holding a regular class at Skyline. With this open invitation, the idea for Warriors of Peace was borne!

Please visit for more information.

The holiday season brings unprecedented need in our community.  The Alameda County Community Food Bank reports “this has been an exceptional year of economic hardship in Alameda County. Our Emergency Food Help line requests in the third quarter of 2009 increased 53% from the same period in 2008, and have escalated 95% compared to the third quarter of 2007.”

We all know friends, neighbors, and co-workers who are struggling to make ends meet in these tough times. Mindful of that, Michael Armijo, Pastor Laurie and I felt compelled to insure that our giving efforts are the most efficient in delivering help to those in need.  ACCFB is the central clearinghouse for donated food in Alameda County, distributing 16.4 million pounds of food during the fiscal year completed on June 30, 2009 – including 7.6 million pounds of farm-fresh produce.

With their bulk purchasing power and ultra-efficient distribution network, the Food Bank can leverage every dollar donated by a ratio of 7:1.  According to a New York Times article published Oct. 11, 2009, ” “the money spent on a $2 jar of applesauce could otherwise buy up to 40 pounds of apples.”

To that end, for this holiday season we have revived our online Virtual Food Drive from the spring:

Why a Virtual Food Drive?

  • It saves the Food Bank precious resources – schedulers, drivers, food sorters and fuel – during the busy holiday season.
  • It’s the greenest (and easiest) of all food drives
  • ACCFB can better meet our community’s nutritional needs

With demand at an all-time high, the Food Bank has to purchase more food than ever in order to meet the needs of their 275 food pantries, soup kitchens and community agencies. For those who want to donate cash or checks, we will be accepting donations at the church.

But what about people who want a hands-on experience?

We have two additional opportunities planned:

  • For those who love the idea of shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, and preparing bags or “baskets”, we will be collecting non-perishable donations to be delivered directly to the East Oakland Switchboard, which Skyline has long supported.  This agency provides information, referral services and emergency food boxes to persons with a Social Services Agency referral.  Look for specifics on donations in upcoming church bulletins.
  • Last year’s support of Lake Merritt United Methodist Church’s Thanksgiving dinner was exceptional. Paula Byrens collected 50% more pies than she requested.  Additionally, many Skyline members were on hand during the day to welcome diners, serve food, and bus tables.  We want to participate again this year, by donating pies (homemade or purchased) and volunteering on Thanksgiving Day.  Paula will be providing more details in the coming weeks.

For more information on these, or other volunteering opportunities during the holidays and beyond, please contact Suzie Harris, Michael Armijo, or Pastor Laurie.

A Thanksgiving Reminder from THE PIE QUEEN!

For Thanksgiving 2008 last year, Skyline Church delivered 35 pies to provide a delicious dessert to the over 600 meals served to the homeless, elderly, and those in need at Oakland’s Lake Merritt U.M. Church. The volunteers, staff, and appreciative diners were amazed that our small but powerful congregation could produce so many good pies!

This year, we again ask for your help in providing pies for this community, for the same Thanksgiving dinner in downtown Oakland.  Hopefully, we can offer 35 pies again – whether homemade, Safeway produced, or from your favorite bakery.  (Last year, one of our teens made 4 pies!)  Please bring your pies and leave them in the Friendship Room prior to 10:00 a.m. on Thanksgiving morning (11/26). I will pick them up then and deliver them to the Lake Merritt Church.

The chair of the event, Steven Ford, has come to our church during Announcements and given more details about who is served, what volunteers are needed, etc.  Just a reminder, all volunteers are welcomed – all ages!  Dinner is served from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.; you need to check in at noon to get your assignment. Turkeys are cooked the day before (Nov. 25th). Finally, there is clean up after the meal, then delivery of any leftovers to the Women’s Homeless Shelter in downtown Oakland.

In addition to Dave and myself, we were blessed with volunteers Joan & Clint Monroe, Joan’s daughter and granddaughter, Suzie Harris, the Rutters (Lee, Chris, Ben and Kit).  It is a wonderful experience that has been my passion for over 10 years. Any questions, directions, comments, etc. just ask, but PLEASE bring those pies!

Paula Byrens

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