Service Teams

We believe that ministry is for everyone! Our church offers the opportunity for all members and friends to take a full part in the life of the church. For that reason, every member of the church, and those friends who wish it, serve the church through membership in one or more of these Service areas:

  • The People of the Church
    Our mission is to support and enhance the experience of the people of our church, in God’s love and work, through pastoral care, welcoming newcomers, stewardship and fund-raising, and administration.
  • The Spiritual Life
    Our mission is to inspire spirituality through our worship services and our music programs,  to enhance the faith journey of the Skyline Family.
  • Garden of God
    Our mission is to enhance and maintain the buildings and the sacred ground of the Church, and to and maximize the appropriate use of our facilities, including meetings, retreats, performances, and weddings.
  • Our Church in the World
    Our mission is to coordinate outreach to the wider community through mission and service; to help the wider community become aware of our Church; to maintain this web site; and to help the Church to grow.
  • Children, Youth, and Families
    Our mission is to advocate for children, youth, and families in all areas of church life, not only in education, but in worship, mission, fellowship, and stewardship. Responsibilities also include church school, confirmation, youth groups, and intergenerational events, for Skyline and the wider community.

Service Team meetings are ably-led, purposeful, and efficient. They are also fun! Ours is a healthy and vibrant church, and the degree of participation in the life of the church is among the highest. Participation is an invitation to bring your gifts and inspiration, have fun, and serve God.

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