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Our church relies on an open avenue of communication. We encourage your questions, comments and suggestions.


Our Staff
Reverend Laurie Manning, Pastor
( Email Rev. Laurie )
Joshua Feltman, Director of Music
( Email Joshua )

Matthew Brandon, Children, Youth and Families Director
( Email Matthew )

Nancy Montier, Office Manager  ( Email Nancy )

Catherine Moore, Website Administrator  ( Email Catherine )

Lee Rutter, Wedding Coordinator, ( Email Lee )

Our Address
Skyline Community Church
12540 Skyline Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94619-3127

For general delivery, please direct your email to the office by clicking here.

For private and confidential communication to Reverend Laurie Manning, please click here.

(510) 531-8212 (Church office)
(510) 530-0884 (Preschool)


Map & Driving Directions

From Berkeley/Oakland/SF:
Take 580E, get off at 35th Avenue exit.
‐ L onto 35th Ave. (.8 mi)
‐ 35th Ave. turns into Redwood. Continue all the way up hill to Skyline Blvd. (about 1.5 mi)
‐ Follow directions below, from Redwood Rd.

From San Leandro, Hayward, and other points South/East:
Take 580 W until CA‐13N
‐ Slight R to get onto CA‐13N/Warren Freeway (.9 mi)
‐ Take Carson St. exit towards Redwood Rd.
‐ Keep L at fork (follow sign for Chabot Center/Merritt College)
‐ Merge onto Mountain Blvd. (.2 mi))
‐ Sharp R at Redwood Rd. (1.1 mi)
‐ Go up the hill to Skyline Blvd, then follow directions below.

Directions to Skyline UCC from Redwood Rd:
‐ R onto Skyline Blvd. (.9 mi to median U‐turn)
‐ Pass Skyline High School on LH side. Go through traffic light.
‐ Pass 1st median divide.
‐ Make a U‐Turn at 2nd median divide (Skyline Church green sign)
‐ Go about 1/8 mile, slow down after Brookpark Rd.
‐ Skyline Church entrance is immediately next.
‐ Turn into driveway (BEFORE Church entrance sign).

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10 a.m. Sunday Services

Skyline UCC
A United Church of Christ
12540 Skyline Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94619
(510) 531-8212

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