Our Mission

The Church’s Mission

Skyline Community Church is blessed by an inspiring environment given for the renewal of all God’s people.

We actively affirm our interdependence with our community. As a diverse family of faith, our mission is:

  • to teach, model, and guide as disciples of Jesus Christ, as the gospel calls us
  • to build and sustain a faithful worshiping congregation
  • to be renewed and transformed in worship, study, and prayer
  • to minister to our children and celebrate their Ministry to us
  • to reach out in compassion as instruments of God’s healing in our community and the world
  • to proclaim the inclusive vision of God’s love, justice, and liberation for each other and all creation

Open and Affirming Statement

As a community faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ, we acknowledge the worth of all beings, regardless of ability, age, ancestry, family or economic status, gender, sexual orientation, spiritual path, cultural origin, or any other visible or invisible difference.

As believers in the reconciling power of God, we invite all who wish to join us, to enter our Sanctuary and the full life of our church family.

Ours is a God of justice and compassion, and our church lives in covenant with God to do its utmost to pursue justice and compassion, as an Open and Affirming congregation.

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10 a.m. Sunday Services

Skyline UCC
A United Church of Christ
12540 Skyline Boulevard
Oakland, CA 94619
(510) 531-8212

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