Music at Skyline Church

Choir Rehearsal: 8.30 am on Sunday (no choir during summer)
Worship: 10.00 am on Sunday

We are a vibrant ministry within the church and are always seeking new members. Are you passionate about singing or playing an instrument? Do you feel called to serve God in community?

Being an open and affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ, our music ministry is a diverse group of people. We invite all to full involvement in ministry regardless of ability, age, ancestry, family or economic status, gender, sexual orientation,spiritual path, cultural origin, or any other visible or invisible difference.


Skyline is a wonderful place to make music and the people are what make the experience magical.  We have a wealth of experience of expertise, and the spirit of collaboration among all makes for beautiful worship music. The congregation sings a mix of traditional hymns, familiar songs that we do regularly (printed in our own homemade mini-hymnals) and new music which is learned with the leadership of the choir.

We often have soloists as part of our service, most often our own choir members who provide a wonderful accompaniment to the offering. We are eager to welcome guest soloists (either singers or instrumentalists) and eager to collaborate with musicians of all kinds. Our choir is a regular and important part of services and we are always eager to welcome new singers. The choir practices 2 to 4 part music every week and sings these more challenging pieces usually for important dates in the calendar. I provide recordings to learn the music, so singers can feel confident singing even if they don’t read music. On other weeks, the choir learns simpler, upbeat music.

Benjamin Mertz singingPersonal Message from Benjamin Mertz, Music Director:

Skyline is a dynamic, progressive, compassionate community, and we have a spirit-filled time singing and worshiping together.  Skyline UCC Choir is a “come as you are” choir.  We sing together in love and reverence and praise.  Sight reading is not necessary, nor is having a musical background, or being “good at singing.”  All are welcome – try it out, see how it feels.  No long commitments necessary or expected.  Our goal is to use music to lift up, and to heal, and to reach out to one another, and to reach toward God.  We plan to have fun, laugh often, and use our varied gifts as singers to make services at Skyline as rich, full, and beautiful as possible.

Benjamin Mertz,



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